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Newgrounds ROX

2007-07-18 15:08:35 by JoeandTom

Love the new layout.

This 'Post' idea for profiles was a very nice touch. I'm able to keep everyone up to date on my works in progress or simply rant about whatever it is I feel the need to rant about... Awesome.

Currently, I'm not working on any big projects. I've been doing small things for some websites and attempting to make a game for the wiggi world contest but my actionscript skillz are horrible. I'm also trying to get a website started (JoeFlashedMe.com)... But we'll see.

I'll probably post more as more work or ideas come. Keep posted!

And here's my own quick little "Staff Picture"


Newgrounds ROX


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2007-07-22 23:35:44

Very nice Joe.

Looking forward to more movies.

JoeandTom responds:

Thanks bud! I hope I get something done soon.


2007-07-29 06:06:20

It's good to know that you've got your hands full of work and not being lazy. :)

JoeandTom responds:

Me?.. Lazy?... oh pshaw!


2008-01-21 17:16:29

Why do you look like Abraham Lincoln?


2008-04-14 19:56:12

excuse me for sounding dumb...but in the flash "I miss you" did you put yourself in as the main character? I couldnt help but notice, as i looked at your newgrounds picture, it looked alot like the guy from the flash :P lol
sorry if someone already asked you this.

oh btw i added you on myspace O.o just for kicks, looked like you needed some friends :P


2009-01-25 21:30:15

so, that`s how u imagine urself? :D


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