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spooky happy-end w/flowers spooky happy-end w/flowers

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Love it

I get a real Floyd vibe from this. I love it.

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[RG] Summer Stroll [RG] Summer Stroll

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hahaha I love it

It's quarky, it's fun, it's everything you'd think a "Summer Stroll" would be.

Hope you don't mind me asking but what program are you using for your audio submissions? I've been working with fruity loops and know how frustrating creating a decent beat can be. Honestly though the beat in this works just fine with it's style.

Keep tickling my ears!

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Ritheguardian responds:

FL.. lol, it's actually really easy to make a "simple" beat, i normally make all of the music and than sit the and try to come up with a beat in my head... it's easier if you keep a song on or off beat, so you creat fitting beats for it.... when a song is both on and off beat.... it makes it a bit more challenging, where you'd probably have to make an "on beat" and than a sort of built up tempo change beat, than the "off beat"

thnx for the listen :)

[ d i s t i l l ] (demo) [ d i s t i l l ] (demo)

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Absolutely amazing.

Could I possibly get a tab and lyrics for this?

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Kingbastard responds:

Hi, glad you like it.
I can give you the lyrics, but i'm useless at writing tab it would probably take me about a year to do it properly:)

The lyrics are...

You're a headache
I wont run to
Succumb to

You're a mistake
I won't correct you
Respect you,

You never change
You're still the same
and I keep on asking myself......

You're a door, that
I can't get through
and yet you
Make these laws that
I won't abide to
I've tried to,

but you're still the same,
you'll never change

so I'll keep on asking myself,

Do I Still, Love you (x2)